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We are confident about the future. Our nuts and dried fruit are more in demand today than ever before. Whether connoisseur or top athlete, student or senior citizen, these natural products are appreciated and loved all over the world. As noble snack in trendy cocktail bars, as an energizer between meals and as part of a nutritional diet, you too can rely on OMNITRADE and EUROFOOD. Take immediate advantage and profit from our unbeatable price performance ratio and unique quality.

Jens Vergin - Geschäftsführer Omnitrade Handelsgesellschaft mbH

From Hamburg we supply our exquisite range of nuts and dried fruit to the retail and food industry worldwide. As a family business we place great emphasis on the highest customer satisfaction, first class quality, innovative solutions and competent advice. We stand for transparency and guarantee as an IFS certified company, the complete traceability of all our products. A strict food control system also ensures the highest safety.

Our strength is our unique all-round service. We take care of the handling of the entire order from purchasing to delivery. The sourcing of the best raw materials, the complete processing, finishing and commissioning is done with us under one roof. This is made possible by our modern 20,000m² industrial production plant. This makes us independent of external sales partners and ensures that our customers always have the unrivaled best price-performance ratio.

To ensure these high standards are maintained, we continually invest in new technology. Due to our large roasting and packaging capacity we are able to meet even short-term contracts just in time. Because we know, efficiency, speed and flexibility, are more important than ever. At the end, of course, it is consumer satisfaction that counts. To guarantee the roast fresh taste and highest quality, our freshly produced goods leave the production line in the shortest time possible, in individually brand designed packaging.

With each decision we always have the future in view. Therefore, we focus on sustainability, continually investing in innovation, solutions and develop together with our customers the trend product of their choice.


Looking back on 40 years of merchant trading, the success story of Omnitrade began in 1992 with only 3 employees. As a pure trading company, we started with the import and export of nuts and dried fruits. Even then, our specialty was pistachios.

After a successful start as a classical importer of nuts and dried fruits we have established close contacts with the European sweet and snack food industry. In 2003 due to the changing market we founded EUROFOOD, enabling us to develop partnerships with the retail food market, alongside our already established industrial clients.

In 2006, we established roasting and packaging plants in the Hamburg harbor. The good performance in the following years and the increased demands of our customers led in early 2010 to the first considerations and plans to build a new larger sized production facility. In 2013, in collaboration with a renowned firm of architects we built our highly modern industrial complex on a 4 hectare optimal logistical location, just outside of Hamburg. It is from this ideal position that we continue to this present day to fulfil the wishes of our customers.


As Hamburg merchants we know that the high quality of exquisite natural products starts with the purchasing. Therefore we source our raw material exclusively from the best growing areas. Our raw material suppliers must meet stringent selection criteria, such as respect for ethical principles, fair working conditions and compliance with international standards.

As an IFS Food certified company, we guarantee the complete traceability of our goods. Also we are aware of our responsibility towards the consumer – ongoing quality controls are therefore an integral part of our purchasing policy. Together, these measures lead to the result: first-class raw material for premium end products.



We have earned a worldwide reputation as a specialist for peanuts and pistachios. Today we also process almonds, walnuts, macadamias and cashews. With a production volume exceeding 20,000 tons we have nearly reached cost leadership in our niche. Thanks to our large capacity and our sophisticated logistics any future increases in production volume will not be a problem for us.

Immediately after processing, the nuts and dried fruits are once again closely controlled by our staff. According to our claim to a modern, safe production, our high standards of hygiene are continuously monitored by accredited external laboratories.



Our new dry roasting facilities make even more output possible. A daily production of over 120 tons ensures that we can handle even short-term contracts at short notice with flexibility and in good time. A strength which in today’s fast-moving market is more valuable than ever.

The use of modern technology makes the difference. It ensures optimal tailored processing of these sensitive products. Our customers can be sure: our foods always reach the consumer in prime condition to delight the eyes and taste buds.

The full aromatic taste of our freshly roasted nuts and our sweet and juicy dried fruit is unrivaled. This we owe to our experienced ‘master of roasting’, who gently roasts the nuts according to traditional methods.



Best quality and freshness that is what makes our products so special. Thanks to innovative technology, we ensure that none of the full roasted flavor of the nuts is lost. Ultra-modern tubular bag systems and pick and place robots, pack the sensitive products in only a few seconds. In exactly the custom packaging design of our clients wish. And afterwards, our customers can rest assured, that our production is order related, thus ensuring the product is at its freshest.



Our job does not end with the packaging. Thanks to the latest storage technology, we ensure that the products are stored in the optimal conditions until delivery. As a privately owned company, we are aware of our responsibility towards humans and the environment. We therefore make every effort to reduce our emissions and the use of materials. And we know that our employees are the driving force for our success. They are the ones who with expertise, passion and performance give their best day after day. To maintain this positive working atmosphere, we as responsible employers provide internal audits and ongoing training for our staff.

We are hiring!

To further strengthen our team, we are constantly looking for new employees. Find out more about Omnitrade as an employer and about our current vacancies:

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